These gorgeous purple drinks and cakes celebrate CBTL’s 25th anniversary!

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Can you believe it? Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Malaysia turns 25!

Now celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, they serve Malaysians with an all purple menu!

Look at their pretty menu in purple!

From their limited edition drink to a handful of delectable desserts and appetizers, their 25th Silver Jubilee inspires all things local and purple! However, these are all limited-time menus, so grab them before October 31!

1. Lavender Cold Brew Latte

Violet-inspired infusion of soothing lavender and cold brew coffee.

Price: Small (RM14.50), Regular (RM15.50)

Lavender Cold Brew Latte (left) and Twilight Berry (right).
(Credit: coffee bean and tea leaf Malaysia)

2. Twilight Bay

Sweet blueberries and zesty lemon mousse complement each other on a dark charcoal sponge and cream cracker base.

Price: Whole (RM159.00/1.2kg), Slices (RM15.90/slice)

3. Purple Swirl

This fluffy bun is filled with purple sweet potatoes and red beans, making for a sweet, nutty snack.

Price: RM9.50 each

Purple Swirl (left) and Coco Yam Tart (right).
(Credit: coffee bean and tea leaf Malaysia)

4. Coco Yam Pie

To celebrate one of Malaysia’s age-old flavors, yam and coconut come together perfectly in this gorgeous pie.

Price: Whole (RM139.00/1.2kg), Slices (RM13.90/slice).

5. Murasaki Blondie (small and sliced)

The cake is a combination of hazelnut Taro on top and a crumbly white chocolate brownie on the bottom.

Price: Whole (RM149.00/1.3kg), Slices (RM14.90/slice), Small (RM55.00/0.5kg)

Small Murasaki Blonde (left) and A slice of Murasaki Blonde (right).
(Credit: coffee bean and tea leaf Malaysia)

6. Asam Beef Pandesal

A nod to Malacca’s heritage dish, beef pandesal (a type of bread with meat fillings – like curry puff) is reimagined to fit the flavors of Asam Pedas.

Price: RM10.90 each

Asam Beef Pandesal (left) & Caramel Pecan Muffin (right).
(Credit: coffee bean and tea leaf Malaysia)

7. Caramel Pecan Muffin

A rich, crumbly muffin filled with crackling pecans and salted caramel.

Price: RM9.50 each

They also have discounts and promotions!

Apart from the purple themed menu, they are also offering some eye-catching discounts throughout this month of September.

Specialties of the day in Malaysia
Get 16% off all Cold Brew beverages
Dates: 16/9/2022 – 18/9/2022

25th Anniversary Specials
Get a RM5 discount voucher on the purchase of our selected drinks.
Dates: 23/9/2022 – 25/9/2022

Coffee bean card specials 2
Get a FREE purple drink or food when you top up RM100 via TCB Card.
Dates: 23/9/2022 – 30/9/2022

25 years celebration
Take 25% off Purple Dining Voucher.
Dates: 23/9/2022 – 30/9/2022

Launched in Malaysia in 1997

The famous Californian food and beverage company started in Malaysia in 1997 and first opened its doors at KL Plaza, or what we now know as Fahrenheit.

They introduced their signature The Original Mocha Ice Blended to Malaysians back then and we loved it! Since then, they have been exploring different flavors of the world and sharing those tastes at their premises.

This celebration celebrates all the good times we shared together, whether it was over a hot cup of tea, a warm meal or a shared piece of cake.

With each year we spend together, we continue to make each visit to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf one that reminds us of our coming home, just as much as Malaysians have given us a place to call home for the past. 25 years.

Fiona Rodrigues, Head of Marketing and Innovation, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Malaysia

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