This adult camp in the Catskills is designed to create love relationships

We Met At Acme, a popular dating and relationship podcast, is adding an all-inclusive adult summer camp to its collection of events where singles have the opportunity to meet each other and forge a love affair. Founded by Lindsey Metselaar, We Met At Camp will gather young professionals in an outdoor setting in the Catskills at the end of August for an action-packed weekend. Although this is an invite-only programme, the good news is that there is still time to apply. Read on to learn more about We Met At Camp and upcoming meetup opportunities for individuals.

^ A sneak peek at We Met at Camp’s Lake

All about we met at camp

We Met At Camp takes place Friday, August 26 through Sunday, August 28 in upstate New York. Weekend activities include fitness classes, sporting and water sports events, themed dance parties, pool and lake time, fire and sable, and much more.

“This is our first camp,” said Lindsey Metsellar, founder of Acme. Hoboken Girl. “I partnered with Michelle Pozzo and she was doing a Ross campthat it The whole day. She was telling me about these camps that she’s done and I thought, “That’s genius. We need to figure out a way to mark it as We Met At Camp, so we came up with this. This will be the opening we met at the camp.”

Although WMAC is an exclusive invite-only camp, anyone can fill out an online form to apply to attend. The organizers are looking for “intelligent, successful and creative people” between the ages of 22 and 40 who live in the tri-state area. “For the most part, people are accepted. We just want to make sure it is an environment where people feel safe and that there are like-minded people out there,” Lindsay said.

We met at acme catskills camp

^ We met at the camp ground

Prices vary according to the preferred room size (single, bunk, double or triple). Perks include round-trip transportation from New York City if needed, a membership opportunity to meet a potential partner, make new friends, and walk out with a “cool gift bag” full of goodies from camp sponsors, including member-only merchandise.

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Lindsey said H.G., “It’s going to be the most fun weekend ever. Basically you make your own rules — — We make the schedule and you can choose the activities that need to be done. There will be activities all day and all night including tennis with Break the Love and a yoga house call. We have a range of different workouts and we have a huge lake where everyone can have some kind of relaxation. We’re having a ’90s-inspired night out with an upcoming ’90s cover band, white party, and color war. So it’s like everything I loved about camp, plus you can drink. All food included. By the end of the weekend, everyone will have gained a new friend or two but at most, they will be a new love interest.”

We met at the camp pool

^ The swimming pool at We Met At Camp

Everything we met at Acme

While We Met At Camp launches in August 2022, We Met At Acme Podcast has been around for nearly five years now. The title stems from the French and Italian bistro “Acme” located in Noho, where Lindsey started getting to know people and hosted events there. The Boston University graduate lives in New York City and is now settled with her husband after meeting him a few months before the pandemic at a New Year’s party in Miami. (Lindsey is in town, but is interested in making the trip to Melbourne, NJ to visit the Melbourne Daily!)

Since its launch in October 2017, WMAA has gained a social media following of 79.5K followers on Instagram and has recorded over 250 episodes. Over the years, a large number of celebrity guests have appeared on podcasts including Bachelorette Jason Tartik, Vanderpump rulesKatie Maloney, Drake and Josh‘s Josh Beck and comedian Whitney Cummings.

Lindsey Mason we met at the summit

^ Lindsey Mason, Founder of We Met At Acme

(Photo credit: Hannah Turner-Hearts)

When Lindsey isn’t doing podcasts, she’s a food blogger on a site where you don’t expect salads. “I was managing social media for brands [before We Met At Acme]”It was definitely fun and I learned a lot, but it definitely wasn’t as satisfying as talking to people about their dating life, which I love,” Lindsey said. “I prefer [work to do] It is definitely juvenile because I meet people in person. Especially when we do mixers or a camp event, there is a chance that people will meet and fall in love and that makes me the happiest. This is definitely the most satisfying… I have created five husbands who have been married.”

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Other upcoming events

The We Met At Came program has expanded to include hosting events and get-togethers across the county. Lindsey herself will be touring for a live version of the We Met At Acme Podcast in San Francisco on September 10, Los Angeles on September 11, and in Austin, Texas on November 10.

We met at the camp dormitory

^ Accommodation at We Met At Camp

“I definitely want to keep growing and reach more and more people, make podcasts reach more people’s ears, and do more live events,” Lindsey said. “I’m going on tour this fall. Maybe in the future [I’ll write] book, maybe [do] Something on TV, but the goal is to be a big sister who guides people to have a good dating experience.”

To stay up to date on upcoming events, be sure to register to be on We Met At Acme’s Listserv at the website,

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