This pie recipe is no joke

This is not a joke. Sometimes I thought this would be a great April Fool’s Day recipe, but when the Mainers have a slightly overgrown zucchini on hand, that’s not what this recipe calls for.

Apple pie seems likely to scoff at recipes: Any mass of something sweet enough — from zucchini crackers — then sweetened then seasoned with lemon, cinnamon, and nutmeg can pass for apple pie. In the meantime, in the next few weeks, this recipe can be the bridge between the decreasing supply of zucchini and the increasing supply of apples.

Marjorie Pinkham in Ellsworth sent me this recipe, commenting, “It tastes so good, and how can it look like apple pie!?!?” I guess as long as we pair nutmeg cinnamon pie and a bit of sweet and sour flavor, it will taste like apple pie.

Marjorie has included a copy of the newspaper clipping that talks about the pie. This recipe (submitted by Audrey Cleveland from Orland, CA) recommends using large zucchini, overgrown but tender enough that you can dig your fingernail into the skin. Marjorie further explains that zucchini should be cooked until tender and crispy and that a 9 inch pie really needs 4 full cups to not look thin. Of course, I guess you could use an 8 inch pie plate instead. I found that to get 4 cups of cooked zucchini I had to start with 6 cups raw. I divided the zuke into wedges, then sliced ​​each wedge crosswise.

Start with the prescribed amount of lemon and cinnamon. You might want a little more lemon flavor; an eighth of a teaspoon of nutmeg is fine – that’s about 20 scrapes from top to bottom of a whole nutmeg on a grater. Add more cinnamon if you like it spicy. The cream of tartar is there for the acidity.

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