Three injured in a fight for drinking water, highlights the shortage

HYDERABAD: A dispute over drinking water supply in Khannagar, Bhavaninagar, between two neighbors led to a big fight on Tuesday night, highlighting the severity of the water problems faced by residents of many localities in Hyderabad.

According to Bhavaninagar police, Mohammed Ali, a YouTube blogger, and his father Mohammed Ahmed had a fight with their neighbor Mohammed Rafiq over the amount of drinking water provided to their locality. Angered by the dispute, Rafiq allegedly attacked Muhammad Ali and his father.

Mohammed Ali also attacked Rafiq and then bit him. The trio suffered bleeding wounds in the fight. Mohammad Ali claimed that he had asked the authorities concerned to increase the supply of drinking water in his locality, but the authorities favored Rafiq who had opposed his request. Rafiq had strong political influence, police sources revealed.

The police registered complaints against both parties and sent them to the hospital for treatment.

Cases of injuries caused by bleeding have been registered against Ali and Rafiq under Section 324 of the ICC and an investigation is ongoing, said Bhavaninagar Police Inspector Mohammed Amjed Ali.

Meanwhile, 90% of people living in different localities in the Old City report having multiple problems related to drinking water in their neighborhoods. Despite several approaches from the public, the authorities would not be able to meet the demand for drinking water supply.

To make matters worse, residents faced contaminated drinking water, low pressure, damaged pipes, illegal connections, alternating supply for a limited period and no supply. water in high altitude areas.

“We receive drinking water every day, that too only for two hours. Due to frequent power cuts during the water supply period, the situation is further aggravated. We cannot pump water from an overhead tank but have to fill large containers with buckets from the tap,” said Safia Begum from Noor Khan Bazaar.

Residents of Sultan Shahi on the right lane of Sultan Shahi Kaman complain of contaminated drinking water supply while residents of inland localities complain of low pressure. “For six months, we have been receiving contaminated drinking water. During the rainy season, the problem worsens. We buy drinking water from the nearby water filtration plant,” said Mohammed Fakruddin, an elderly person.

Drainage pipes laid during the Nizam’s reign run parallel to the water pipes. When the drainage pipes cracked, they received highly contaminated water that was of no use, said Manga, a resident of Pardiwada.

“Several times we were mistreated and attacked by locals. We are running out of funds to fix pipes or lay new lines,” a senior HMWSSB official said. “We have laid new lines at Akbarbagh Chandulal Baradari and are doing our best to resolve the issues,” he said.

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