Tiktok chef making ‘Taco de Sal’ (salt taco) goes viral for pranking everyone

Salt tacos (salt tacos).

They’re an age-old treat for people who love the simple things in life and those who struggle to make ends meet in Mexico and the southwestern United States. This is a traditional snack to enjoy your tortillas still tender and steaming from a neighborhood tortillería, usually offered by the company to try their products while you patiently wait for your warm tortillas.

But at the hands of an emerging chef popular on social media in Mexico, they have been turned into objects of social media ridicule.

Nineteen-year-old Isaias Espinoza, who has proven himself with mouth-watering recipes for caldo de pollo, flan and ribeye, and a green-haired friend posted a 43 second video showing him warming up what he calls a “freshly ground” tortilla that looks anything but airy, then stuffs it with salt, perhaps to counter the frequent troll-like criticism that home-cooking recipes on the platform tend to get receive.

He lights up a comal, warms up his corn tortilla, absolutely drenches it in salt (many who saw the video later refer to the salt as actually being sugar), then rolls that motherfucker up before offering a sprinkled finish on top with his Salt Bae-ian vibe. It really looks like something funny is going on with the excess pure sodium chloride in the tortilla.

Then he hands it to his fellow famous TikTok tester, Didiwinx, who takes a bite and without even taking the time to swallow anything, tells him “honestly, I don’t smell like salt, I can’t tell where you put it on” before tossing it aside. She leaves and he pretends to cry, revealing that it’s just a viral joke.

And like most things we struggle to understand these days, it worked.

The video quickly garnered 1.5 million views, with over 6,000 commenters, some of whom take the stunt a bit too seriously or just don’t get it. Espinoza begins the rally with a simple comment: “Harsh criticism, but I promise to get better.”

Among the many sharp beards that have been returned to him:

“Children today are afraid of salt.”

“Excess salt can harm your health and ps obviously affects the kidneys”

“It didn’t go well because he forgot the lime.”

“Salt lacked a taco”

“You are going to have kidney stones”

“RIP Kidneys”

“Eeeeeee I served this recipe”

“But if it lacks salt, it’s not a salt taco” followed by screwed up emojis

“Miss There No Salt Gonna Puke”

All this to say that the internet apparently still isn’t ready for the genius that is the salt taco. But feel free to form your own opinion on the video below:

@didiwinx Salt is missing 😡 @chênproceso #tacos #tacodesal #culinaria #cocina ♬ Plan A – Paulo Londra

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