TikTok star Dylan Lemay throws scoops of ice cream at his new brick-and-mortar shop

While working at Cold Stone Creamery, Dylan Lemay went viral on TikTok. Now he has launched his own ice cream shop.

Lemay is the man behind Catch’n Ice Creamwhich opened its first location in the NoHo neighborhood of Manhattan on July 29. Customers who visit the business can try Lemay’s favorite flavors and, as the name of the store suggests, it has an interactive element. After each order, the purchased ice cream is rolled up into a ball so that it can be thrown towards the buyer’s cup. Lemay, who mastered this trick during his years working at Cold Stone, made accurate throws during Catch’n’s grand opening.

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Given that Lemay is a YouTube and TikTok star — he has millions of subscribers on both of those platforms — his store will have a significant social media presence. His fans will have the chance to help him develop new flavors, and he will use his channel to advertise the location of his physical store. In the days leading up to Catch’n’s first day of operation, Lemay uploaded vlogs to share his experience as a first-time shop owner.

It’s not just Lemay who will share stories from the Catch’n counter. He believes his customers also have the opportunity to boost his business, thanks to the unique nature of the experience. “Everyone is constantly recording things and posting them on the internet,” Lemay said. food street. “If someone walks into the store, they’ll want to record one of my employees throwing ice cream, and they’ll upload it to YouTube Shorts or whatever platform they’re on, and it will just create more and more ways for people to connect with each other.

For its first Catch’n branch, Lemay set itself quite a challenge. Manhattan is a hypercompetitive ice cream market, but Michigan-born Lemay wanted to make sure his retail space was close to his home (he currently lives in New York), his fans and other places. that will attract gourmet consumers. lemay said Tubular filter that the Catch’n store is just around the corner from the Ice Cream Museum. “NYC feels like this could be the ice cream capital of the world with the heat it gets during the summer,” Lemay said, “and knowing how many people live here and how many more visit each year. , NYC just made the most sense for us to settle.

Lemay noted that Catch’n “has been pretty consistent in terms of foot traffic since it opened on July 29.” If you stop at the store, you may have to wait in line, but don’t worry. Once you get to the counter, you’ll receive a scoop of cold ice cream to eat and eye-catching content to post on your social media.

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