TikToker says the date started a huge tab on its debit card

Everyone has weird first-date stories. Some are horror stories and hellish dates, but sometimes the dates are just a little awkward.

A woman shared her story on TikTok where she claimed the guy she was meeting at a bar for the first time ordered drinks and unknowingly opened a huge tab on his debit card.

The date’s wife claimed they were ‘together’ and ordered drinks on her debit card.

The TikToker shared a short clip of her at a bar and wrote about her first date experience in the caption of the video.

The video had background music by Michael Scott from “The Office” where he shouts “I am declaring bankruptcy”.

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The woman explained that she arrived at the bar early and ordered a few drinks for herself.

Soon his date also reached the bar, however, he didn’t know the woman had been there for a while.

She wrote: “My date arrived, we ordered drinks and he said ‘we are together'”.

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