Tucker was named Dog Food Dehydrated Producer of the Year in the 2022 Independent Pet Innovation Award Program

We obviously love pets and think they are an extension of our lives and our biggest fans. However, they deserve the best that raw nutrition can offer. All of our meat is humanoid and sourced exclusively in the USA – Jeff Kalish, Founder, Tucker

The Independent Pet Innovation Awards, an independent recognition platform that highlights the most innovative companies, services, and products in the highly competitive pet care industry, announced today that Tucker, providers of the finest and finest raw and frozen foods for dogs and cats, have been selected as the award winner” Freeze-dried dog food of the year.

Tucker’s Freeze-Dried Dog Formulas can be served as a complete, balanced diet, used as food or other dog food, or fed as a training treat or reward. One bag fits three different needs.

Tucker’s Freeze-Dried Formulas provide a complete, balanced diet for all stages of a dog’s life. The product consists of 95% of meat, organs, bones and marrow, as well as 5% of pumpkin. Pumpkin is an ideal source of low-glycemic fiber that provides digestive support and is useful when transitioning a pet to a raw diet.

Additionally, formulations are emulsified for maximum nutrient absorption. Tucker’s is the only raw company currently emulsifying the entire product. By emulsifying their product, the accumulated surface area is available for dogs and cats to absorb available nutrients. Because pets have a short digestive system, providing this extra surface area allows them to absorb more nutrients from food in a short period of time.

Freeze-dried products are also suitable for travel and pet parents on the go. Available in 12 or 14-ounce bags, the foods come in a number of flavors including: chicken, pumpkin, ham, pumpkin, salmon, squash, pork, bison, squash, pork, duck, pumpkin, and more.

“We are so excited to receive this recognition from Pet Innovation. We clearly love pets and believe they are an extension of our lives and our biggest fans. However, they deserve the best that raw nutrition can offer,” said Jeff Kalish, founder of Tucker Corporation. human and sourced exclusively in the USA.” “In developing our formulas, we work with 3 out of the 10 PhD-level animal nutrition experts in the world, and these leading experts are the ones who helped us create our diet at 95% of the time. 5. We also feel it is important to consider our retail partners and their needs when creating our products.”

The mission of the annual Pet Innovation Awards Program is to honor innovation and recognize excellence, hard work, and success in a range of pet care industry categories, including apparel, grooming and cleaning, food and handling, health, housing, toys, training, retailers and services and more. The 2022 Pet Innovation Awards attracted more than 2,000 nominations from around the world.

“In the world of the ever-expanding pet grooming industry, pet stores and consumers are overwhelmed, making it hard to find what you’re looking for. There are a number of freeze-dried options but they are usually part of a multi-step diet for pets. This can be confusing. for consumers and not ideal for pets when it’s time to feed them,” said Travis Grant, Managing Director, Independent Innovation Awards. “Tucker’s Raw Freeze-Dried Formulations solve this problem and conserve valuable retail shelf space by being a 3-in-1 product. By offering a product that is meant to be fed, added, or even treated, Tucker has created an innovative, pet-friendly product that you can trust.” Congratulations on Our pick of the “Best Freeze-Dried Dog Food of the Year”.


About the Pet Innovation Awards

Part of the independent Innovation Awards organization, a global market intelligence and recognition program within the most competitive consumer categories, The Pet Innovation Awards honor the most outstanding and innovative companies, services and products in the rapidly expanding pet care industry. The Pet Innovation Awards provide public recognition for the achievements of pet care companies and products including apparel, grooming and cleaning, food and drink, health, retailers and services and more. For more information visit: https://petinnovationawards.com.

About Tucker

Tucker is a family business that started in 2009 with the goal of making raw feeding easy for pets and their people. We believe cats and dogs deserve nothing but the best that raw nutrition has to offer. This is why all of our meat is human grade and responsibly sourced exclusively from the USA. Our foods are hand packed at the USDA Human Food Facility in Wisconsin by people who take great pride in creating innovative, nutritious products for your pet. We do this “because your pets are worth it!”

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