Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter asks people not to throw animals

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) – Animal Shelter leaders in Metro Tuscaloosa have posted a warning and request on social media for people to stop throwing animals out of animal shelters. In one example of the dumping, a dog was killed.

Recently, leaders at the Humane Society of West Alabama reported that someone left a pet outside their door without booking an appointment.

This is the full post from Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter:

We will say this first of all: this post is not at all to shame anyone, but to raise awareness about why this method of bringing an animal to a place of refuge is not correct. To educate the community about this societal problem.

These are the animals that were dumped at our shelter just last week.

I left a kitten in a box with a note. Happy’s cat came out of the box and was only feet from the road when a staff member found her.

A panicked dog tied to a pole on our property with a bag of food full of ants left for her to eat.

Animals left outside the Tuscaloosa Animal Shelter(Animal Shelter at Tuscaloosa Metro)

And the saddest of all: a dog strapped to our door using trash bags, his collar so loose that he was able to get off the lead and get in the way. An innocent life was lost.

Animals left outside the Tuscaloosa Animal Shelter
Animals left outside the Tuscaloosa Animal Shelter(Animal Shelter at Tuscaloosa Metro)

In order to help us, we need help in return.

Have you found an animal running loose?

  • Post on social media. Facebook Pages are built specifically for this purpose and there are just a lot of Tuscaloosa Pages. People have the most success with this.
  • Go door to door in the area where you found the animal. Most of the lost animals are within a mile of their home and have turned.
  • Post posts in the area where you found the animals and spread the word!
  • Be a temporary custodian for the animal until you find its owner, or if the time has passed, move to a new forever home.
  • If you can’t adopt, post online or ask around family and friends to see if someone else can take the animal.
  • Check the animal for a microchip. This can be done for free at a vet or at a shelter.

You can no longer take care of your pet and need to give up? Important information to know:

  • Take shelter in owner surrender by appointment only. We stay so full that sometimes these dates are months away. Please think ahead and be proactive when you have to make that decision about resettlement.
  • Try home-home.org for a solution that helps keep animals away from the shelter. We ask the public to do so when making an appointment with us.
  • Please sterilize and neuter your pets! Tuscaloosa is so crowded with animals that we’re bursting at the seams.


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