TV Tonight: Ice Cream Vans and Murder in 1980s Glasgow | Television

The Ice War

9 p.m., BBC 2

Why did ice cream vans become so controversial in Glasgow housing estates in the 1980s? And what part did they play in a flat fire that caused what was, at the time, the biggest mass murder in Scotland’s recent history? Speaking to police officers, ice cream business owners and journalists at the time, this two-part film investigates what was going on, while examining the wider context of the Scottish town that was becoming more and more divided. Hollie Richardson

Location, location, location

8 p.m., Channel 4

Wish Factor: Planning a wedding is stressful enough without trying to buy your first home at the same time. Tonight’s pair of engaged couples may have some expert help, but even the mighty Kirstie and Phil are struggling to make it in South Manchester’s runaway property market. A guinea pig with an enviable two-story property lightens the mood. Graeme Virtue

Grand Designs: Home of the Year

9 p.m., Channel 4

“Oh my word, how phenomenal!” This exclamation can only mean one thing: Kevin McCloud takes a look at the biggest blunders of the year. In the second episode of Escape, the theme is homes that have undergone major makeovers, from a London home with an eco-friendly upgrade to a Dutch barn renovation in Sussex. Hannah Verdier

Pressure cooking… Nikita, MasterChef contestant. Photo: Production/BBC/Shine TV

MasterChef: the professionals

9:10 p.m., BBC One

In the final lap of the heats, all four leaders are under pressure with a skill test from Marcus Wareing. Are they capable of filleting a gilthead sea bream to perfection and concocting an Asian-style broth with rice? Later, Anna Haugh orders beet tortellini with goat cheese and walnut filling. Unfortunately, the two weakest leaders will be sent home. excluding tax

Two doors down

10 p.m., BBC 2

Tonight’s episode of the Scottish comedy shows there’s such a thing as being an overly greedy beaver. Excitement is in the air as Colin introduces the neighbors to his new girlfriend, Anne Marie (Siobhan Redmond). Things take a turn when the gang is rocked by his enthusiastic approach to dinner. Sammy Gecsoyler


10 p.m., Dave

In David Mitchell’s comedy bootcamp, surprise visitors show up. Fun bones aren’t the only things tested; the same goes for the comedian’s musical chops. Darren Harriott and Maisie Adam come up with a new martial art while Fatiha El-Ghorri uses her spelling “skills” to distract children from Phil Wang’s last name. SG

Choice of movies

A scene from Les Misérables, directed and co-written by Ladj Ly.
A scene from Les Misérables, directed and co-written by Ladj Ly. Photography: Lifestyle Pictures/Alamy

Wretched, (Ladj Ly, 2019), 11:55 p.m., Film4
Echoes of La Haine – and, more obliquely, of Victor Hugo’s novel – abound in Cannes Film Festival winner Ladj Ly. It’s a tense 2019 crime drama inspired by the 2005 Paris riots; in a poor suburb, cop Stéphane (Damien Bonnard) joins a street crime unit, aimless children are torn between faith and malice, and the theft of a lion cub by rebellious teenager Issa (Issa Perica) lights the fuse of anti-police resentment. In Ly’s nuanced and authentic feature debut, everyone has their reasons. Simon Wardel

'Engaging'... Oppy tells the story of the Mars, Spirit and Opportunity rovers.
Life on Mars… Oppy tells the story of the Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. Photography: Courtesy of Prime Video

good night Oppy (Ryan White, 2022), Prime Video
Like a particularly brilliant edition of Horizon, Ryan White’s engaging space documentary tells the story of 2004’s Mars exploration rovers, Spirit and Opportunity (AKA Oppy). They were designed to last 90 days but, in Oppy’s case, survived for 15 years. He speaks to the Nasa team that built them, blew them up on the Red Planet and then cared for them as they dug into craters, withstanding dust storms and malfunctions. With the anthropomorphic traits of robots and their creators’ increasingly emotional attitude towards them, WALL-E and R2-D2 come to mind. SW

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