Upcoming Elections, Halloween Events, and Restaurants to Try

COOKS FALLS, NY AND ROSCOE, NY – There are many issues and events related to our life and well-being in Roscoe and Cooks Falls that deserve to be shared with you.

Driving along the Beaverkill between Cooks Falls and Roscoe, up Route 206 towards Downsville, or further down Highway 17, you’ll surely have paused to make sure you’re living in a beautiful part of the country, forgetting for these last weeks of autumn the rigors of winter await us.

Predictions of a dull season with fall colors were wrong. For me, the color palette through the hills and along the roads is as dazzling as I remembered from years past.

There’s still time to enjoy the Roscoe Riverside Park expansion. More open space to sit or walk around is available after further clearance by the local workforce development team.

On a recent walk along the river, I counted five large picnic tables, several birdhouses, and numerous flat stone benches. Only the restricted parking area could discourage visitors who would like to walk there.

SENATE ELECTIONS I traveled to the district to meet and monitor the progress of a new Democratic candidate running for the New York State Senate. Our State Senate District now has 51 people; he was formerly 42 years old. It includes Delaware, Sullivan, and parts of Broome and Orange counties.

Eric Ball is the promising Democratic candidate who could bring momentum and true civic engagement to the state Senate, and return our district to the Democrats. Learn more about Eric on his homepage, https://www.ericballforsenate.com/. It offers a good summary of its political platforms. And read reports of recent debates and interviews in local newspapers.

Born and raised in Walton, NY, and a graduate of SUNY Oneonta, Eric Ball is a former CSEA union member. He has managed small agricultural businesses in Walton and sits on the Walton Board of Directors. To learn more about him and his differences with Oberacker, go through his document “Policy Differences for Ulster County.docx.pdf”.

As for our New York Assembly District 100 (it includes Sullivan but not Delaware County), Aileen Gunther is the popular and experienced Democratic incumbent. She is challenged by Lisa LaBue this year.

Delaware County is in New York State Assembly District 122, which as of 2020 is represented by Republican Joe Angelino. He is on the November 8 ballot unopposed.

Josh Riley’s campaign for the 19th seat of the US Congress (formerly represented by Delgado) appears to be going smoothly. Learn more about him at https://joshrileyforcongress.com/home/.

Riley comes from four generations of New Yorkers residing in Endicott, NY.

All elections are important. They are our right. They are the basis of our democracy. Local representatives care about us directly and we should expect to meet them in our cities and institutions. State elections and Albany politics probably have a greater impact on our daily lives than federal elections.

HURRY. To keep abreast of upcoming elections and school amalgamation, we are fortunate to have three local newspapers with good coverage. The river reporter and Sullivan County Democrats, who regularly follow regional political-economic records, are now complemented by an increasingly citizen Manor Ink. MI is a monthly from Livingston Manor. By adding the Walton Reporter to these three local news sources, residents and businesses can learn a lot about our community, the elected officials who run our cities, seasonal celebrations, history and future trends.

Have you noticed that the river reporter and Manor Ink contain many more investigative style articles? Their journalists are to be commended.

These articles and reports are particularly important with the many new (and sometimes questionable) proposals for economic development projects that would affect the pace of life in this part of the Catskills and would undoubtedly place increased demands on existing infrastructure. How heartening to see many more residents attending local council meetings to follow up on business proposals. Residents speak up to protect their values ​​and comment on what their elected officials are doing or should be doing.

It is a pity that the fear of exploitation from the outside and the arrival of foreigners in our villages encourages the inhabitants to become politically active. But it’s common everywhere, isn’t it?

It’s your precious – and often your only – home. Stay informed and make a difference!

Now let’s move on to some past social events:

Next week features Halloween events in addition to piles of orange pumpkins of all sizes for sale at nearby farms

Sunday, October 30—Parksville is holding a Halloween parade.

The rather mysterious Red Rose Motel and Tavern in Cooks Falls will open Sunday, October 30 at 4 p.m. for its Howl-o-ween special. The announcement notes that the party will benefit Catskill Animal Rescue.

For more ghosts, visit the Roscoe O and W Railway Museum on Monday, October 31. From 3 to 5 p.m., they invite you to join a Spooktacular afternoon.

The Cooks Falls Fire Department appears to be more active in recent months. A pancake breakfast is planned there at the beginning of November.

Roscoe’s once-slow Main Street, Stewart Avenue, is busier and welcomes visitors with several new shops and restaurants. The old bank building, under construction for more than two years, has finally reopened as The Spotted Cow Café and Grill (closed Tuesday and Wednesday). Its prices may seem normal to out-of-town weekend visitors. They will find that the cafe’s interior design is reminiscent of New York coffeehouses.

We’re more likely to find locals we know enjoying the menus at Joey B (closed Mondays) and Greek restaurant Kasos (closed Wednesdays). Both seem to be very popular.

This newsletter was prepared as a volunteer civic exercise by BNimri Aziz, resident of Delaware County, NY.

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