US Pet Food Market Report 2022: Dog & Cat Food Sales Expected to Reach $60 Billion by 2026, as E-Commerce Continues to Cement Its Position as the No. 1 Retail Channel –

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With 2021 sales approaching $40 billion, dog and cat food sales are expected to reach $60 billion by 2026, as e-commerce continues to cement its position as the number one retail channel.

In the previous edition of this report, an important question was how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the pet food market. We now know that the pandemic has had a surprisingly positive impact on the pet market as a whole and on pet food in particular, which experienced double-digit growth in 2020 and 2021.

And the pandemic continues to impact the market, the most obvious factors being record inflation and supply chain disruptions that have pushed prices to all-time highs. Other market factors include increased awareness of health and wellness, the acceleration of online shopping and related behavior, and the solidification of the role of pets in the home as members of the family.

Despite the difficult circumstances of the past few years, the pet food market has proven as resilient as ever, buoyed by the willingness of U.S. pet owners to spend on their beloved “fur babies” even in the midst of a health and economic crisis.

Featuring updated sales projections and analyzes of trends affecting the market now and for the foreseeable future, this fully revised 16th edition of Pet Foods in the United States analyzes the ongoing impact of the pandemic including inflation, supply restrictions, shopper patterns, and pet owners’ interest in alternative pet foods.

The report provides separate sales tracking and projections for dog and cat food, and also examines trends by form (dry, wet, semi-moist, frozen/chilled, dried/air-dried), ingredients and product claims across the whole retail including online retailers, mass market outlets, And the channel specialized in pets, and other channels.

Provides a comprehensive overview covering historical market size and forecast (2017-2026); trends across the market; consumer expenditures; market opportunities; mergers and acquisitions; channel trends including e-commerce and omnichannel; and new products and marketing trends – all viewed through the lens of the changes brought about by the pandemic.

Main topics covered:

market trends

  • Market overview

  • Report scope: dogs and cats

  • Exceptions

  • Market size and growth

  • Pet food sales are close to $40 billion

  • Dog foods dominate pet food sales

  • Dry pet food tops sales

  • Dry dog ​​food accounts for nearly 50% of the market

  • Most households spend on dry food

  • Families spend more on dog food

  • Annual household expenditures on dog and cat food

  • Most pet owners spend less than $75 per month on pet food

  • Sales by channel: E-commerce takes the lead

  • Predicted shifts in channel engagement

  • Market drivers

  • Price inflation is a top priority of mind

  • Will pet owners still be willing to spend on pet food?

  • Supply chain problems persist

  • The effects of e-commerce on the pet food market

  • Bump Pandemic confirms pet health’s number 1 role in pet food

  • Intense focus on health and wellness

  • Pet obesity and old age contribute to health concerns

  • The trend away from the smallest dogs

  • Pet ownership trends

  • Younger pet owners may give up pets

  • Rich families are responsible for the majority of spending on pets

  • Central pets in domestic life

  • Pets and owners are physically closer than ever before

  • Product quality is top of the pet owner’s priority list

  • Animal welfare

  • Sustainability initiatives are increasingly part of the plan

  • Cats are gaining representation in the market

  • The case for grain-free pet food/DCM remains unresolved

  • government regulation

  • I look forward

  • Sales growth is moderate but still strong

competitive trends

  • Marketer trends

  • Very tight market

  • Usage rates of dry and wet cat and dog food

  • Pet industry leaders are backing promising startups with venture money

  • Mergers and acquisitions, recent investments and rebranding

  • Champion Petfoods is exploring the sale

  • Natural Balance Ingredients – Re-brand first

  • Purina updates the professional plan’s formulas and packaging

  • Mars does it all on fresh pet food

  • DTC pet food startups continue to attract outside investors

  • Raw/frozen dried and frozen foods that attract interest

  • Packaging challenge

  • Canidae rebrands on sustainability

  • Retail channel trends

  • In-store shopping results in the purchase of pet food

  • Walmart is the most popular retailer for in-store pet food purchases

  • The best online destination for pet food purchases

  • DTC Fresh Pet Food is putting pressure on pet specialty retailers

  • Major online and brick-and-mortar retailers are ramping up their new offerings

  • Autoship programs enhance retailer loyalty

  • Amazon continues to march in the pet market

  • Epidemic-driven e-commerce acceleration slows

  • Private label foods are a big draw

  • Walmart adds Pure Balance PRO+, and updates Pure Balance packaging

  • Target launches Kindfull Private-Label Food

  • Petco expands private label and exclusive food offerings

  • Add pet supplies plus private label pet food

  • PetSense offers 4health private label pet food

  • Adds Chewy Fresh-Frozen to Tylee’s brand line

  • Independent pet stores fight back with help

Marketing trends and new products

  • New products and marketing trends

  • Fresh pet food is taking the market by storm

  • Freshpet Pandemic Success Story

  • Freeze-dried (and air-dried) frenzy

  • Alternative and sustainable ingredients and recipes

  • Limited component diets feature alternative proteins and simple ingredients

  • Sustainable ingredients and alternative protein sources

  • Vegetarian diets

  • Insect based diets

  • Cultured proteins are a possible future option

  • Superfoods, alternative grains, and vegetables

  • Gut health and immunity

  • The controversy over grain-free DCM continues

  • Natural takes a backseat to other product claims

  • Human grade ingredients and labels

  • Custom diets and “combos”

  • Diets based on science and veterinary medicine

  • Wet foods are progressing

  • Only for cats

  • Meal enhancers and toppers

consumer trends

  • an introduction

  • Two sources of consumer survey

  • Buy patterns by type of pet food

  • Topline application rates for dry/wet pet food and pet treats

  • Dry/wet pet food purchase indications

  • Usage rates of pet food wraps

  • Buy styles by types of pet food formulations

  • Regular vs Specialty

  • Other fresh and alternative pet food formats

  • Formulations target specific health conditions

  • Meat first is the lead in ingredient-based formulations

  • Ingredients sourcing as marketing suits

  • “Natural” claims and progressive attitudes

  • Buy patterns in pet food packaging

  • dry pet food packaging size

  • Wet pet food packaging type

  • Pet food marketers and brands by consumer lottery

  • Leading marketers of dog/cat food

  • Top dog food marketers and brands

  • Top marketers and brands of cat food

  • Demographic indicators for purchasing selected brand lines


  • Sustainability and corporate responsibility

  • Alternative food for pets

  • Fresh pet food

  • Freeze-dried (and air-dried) frenzy

  • Direct Marketing to Consumer (DTC)

  • private label

  • Lower prices

  • Cat foods

mentioned companies

  • Amazon

  • AnimalBiome

  • Apax Boxes

  • Arbor

  • Cargill

  • Pet food champion

  • Diamond pet food

  • Fountain Feast Partners

  • capital prices

  • Kinderhook Industries

  • KKR

  • Maeve

  • Mars

  • Mid american pet food

  • Monster Mills Company

  • natural balance

  • Natural pet food group

  • The logic of nature

  • Nestle

  • NomNomNow

  • no thing

  • NXMH Whitebridge Pet Brands

  • Open the farm

  • Pet food experts

  • PetCo

  • PetPlate

  • Primal pet food

  • Royal Kanin

  • Smoker

  • targeting

  • United Pacific for Pets

  • Walmart

  • Wellness Beat Company

  • Ziwi Ltd

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