Vegan actor Paul Wesley ‘heartbroken’ after learning the truth about dog food

Vegetarian actor Paul Wesley, best known for starring The Vampire DiariesHe said his heart was “broken” after he learned how to make traditional meat-based dog food.

while appearing on Vegetarian News (PBNPodcast with Robbie Loki, Wesley said he first discovered the truth after seeing a statistic that one in two dogs over the age of 10 would die of cancer.

“I love my dog,” he said, “he’s like my son.” “What do dogs consume? They consume processed meat.”

The two then went on to discuss what’s in dog food, with Loki referring to it as the “worst” type of meat “scraped off the floor of the slaughterhouse.”

“It was so upsetting for me,” Wesley said, “and I thought, ‘What can I do to help my dog?’ ”

Then Wesley revealed that he decided to invest in a vegan dog food company called Wild Earth. He added, “That’s what I feed him. It broke my heart, it’s awful.”

Wesley also discussed the topic of gender discrimination, saying, “My dog ​​has a soul. I see, he’s very sensitive, we have connection, we communicate. And dogs. I don’t understand how I can be seen as psychotic if I eat a dog, yet if I eat a pig I’m just Ordinary man. I don’t understand the logic.”

How is dog food made?

Many proponents of the “traditional” meat diet for dogs argue that they eat the animals in the wild. While this is true, the argument is based on the assumption that the pet food you buy in stores is like prey they catch themselves.

However, dog food is often made from meat that is considered unfit for human consumption.

According to reports, dog food is made from slaughterhouse “excrement”, including the organs, heads, hooves, beaks and feet of cattle.

It has also been claimed that dog food is often made from the “4Ds” of meat: from dead, dying, sick and disabled animals.

Some dog foods are also said to contain killers, as well as grains and corn that contain high levels of pesticides.

Is it safe to feed dogs a plant-based diet?

Despite these claims, many people still believe that plant-based diets are unsafe for dogs.

However, when you look at the science, it seems that dogs can thrive on plant foods.

Earlier this year, the largest study of dog diets to date found that being vegan was healthier and safer for them than eating traditional meat food for dogs.

The study published in guardian, examined the health of more than 2,500 companion dogs. It found that those who followed a plant-based diet had fewer health problems than those who ate meat. Also, the plant-based dogs had the fewest visits to the vet.

Nearly half of meat-eating dogs require non-routine medication, compared to a third of vegetarian dogs.

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