Walmart will offer spinach and artichoke dip from Memphis company Chef Flavas

Memphis company Chef Flavas just took a big break.

The small business — known for what co-owner Chris Moore calls “the most versatile spinach dip ever” — is among the winners of Walmart’s 2022 Small Business Open Call competition.

Chris and Regina Moore, owners of Chef Flavas, have been featured on the Food Network and cooked for former President Barack Obama.

Thanks to this Walmart contest, Chef Flavas’ spinach and artichoke dip will soon be in the hands of millions of customers across the country.

Chef Flavas was one of 330 companies chosen from 1,100 companies that pitched products to Walmart on June 30 in its ninth annual Open Call competition.

Chris and Regina Moore of Chef Flavas hold the

“Our spinach and artichoke dip is the most versatile I’ve had,” says Chris Moore. “Think beyond fries and dip, you can stuff it, dip it, roll it, spread it and sauté it.”

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Moore uses the tagline “unlock your inner chef” to describe all the dishes that can be made with her dip. Dishes like Rockefeller Oysters, Shrimp Florentine, and Spinach Lasagna are just a few of the many creations that can be made using the dip as a shortcut.

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