Watch: This video explains why leopards are everywhere in India

Of all the big cats, he The most widespread tiger all over the world. In India, one can encounter leopard in all forests ranging from tropical rainforests to coniferous forests in the Alps, except for the deserts and mangroves of Sundarbans in West Bengal. Experts say its adaptability and agility help it survive across landscapes.

A video of these tiger traits is spreading across social media. The video, taken in Sennar, Maharashtra, shows two tigers expertly climbing up and down a narrow tree.

While sharing this video, Parveen Keswan, an Indian Forest Service Officer, tweeted, “Look at the agility of these cats. Somewhere in MH via WhatsApp. This is why leopards are everywhere in India.”

The video that Kiswan shared has garnered more than 66 thousand views. Commenting on this, one Twitter user wrote, “Real great agility! (I think even monkeys wouldn’t climb trees that fast)..this agility would make them one of the most dangerous predators in the wild.” Another person wrote, “Fantastic beautiful… What a sight…that would have made those who were watching the live shudder goosebumps.”

This is not the first time that leopards have captivated netizens with their sharp movements. In July, a video taken in the Bana Tiger Reserve showed a tiger Successful monkey hunting by climbing a tree and then enduring a high fall without losing her composure.

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