What’s happening outdoors: November 23, 2022 | outdoors and recreation

Fundraising for the pump track is underway

The Yakima Singletrack Alliance has announced its intention to raise more than $1.2 million for an infusion track at Randall Park South and begin construction as soon as next summer.

Following a successful environmental review by the city, said Will Hollingbury, Stay’s vice president, fundraising can begin in earnest for a loop track with slopes and angled curves built to eliminate pedalos. Velosolutions completed the final design and the city approved the site next to the dog park less than a year ago.

To donate, go to the Yakima Valley Community Foundation website, yakimavalleycf.org, and select “Give Now” for the Randall Park Fund.

The return of the Winter Racing Series

The Hard Core Runners Club plans to host an annual winter racing series, starting with a three-mile race on December 4 at Sarg Hubbard Park.

This will be followed by a three-mile race at Yakima Sports Club on December 18, a 4.5-mile race at East Valley Elementary on January 8 and a 5-kilometer race at Chesterley Park on January 22. Each race starts at 1pm and the pizza party ending series will be back, with more details to come.

For club members, the entry fee is $10 for a series or $5 for a single race and $25/$10 for non-members. To register or find more information, go to hcrunners.org.

WDFW Cultivate Trout for Black Friday

Elton Pond North in Yakima County will be one of several lakes across Washington filled with rainbow trout before Friday.

Fish weighing up to three pounds and averaging 15 to 16 inches in length are brought into the lakes for holiday season fishing each November. Anglers 15 years of age and older must have a valid Washington freshwater fishing license valid through March 31, 2023 to participate.

Bird alert

A California quail can be heard calling as a pair of Yakima birding enthusiasts braved the cold and explored Fulbright Park at Union Gap this week. They were able to count 20 species including the prairie hawk, a raptor of wide-open western spaces that they spotted on a long keel at the northeastern end of the park. Other birds of prey include a pair of red-tailed hawks, a peregrine falcon, and our smallest hawk, the American kestrel.

They also saw rock pigeon, great blue heron, banded kingfisher, smooth woodpecker, northern flicker, black magpie, common raven, black titmouse, ruby-crowned kinglet, Buick’s warbler, European starling, variegated thrush, house sparrow, 30 birds. The dark-eyed junco, the most common species seen, and the sparrow’s singing.

One birder spent an hour on the upper end of the Umtanum Creek Trail and saw nine species including the wild turkey, a large game bird introduced in Washington at the beginning of the 20th century, the common raven, the golden crowned monarch, the red nuthatch, and five very small Pacific warblers. , variegated thrush, American robin, dark-eyed ginkgo, dark-eyed ginkgo and evergreen songbird.

Email bird sightings to [email protected] and be sure to like the Yakima Valley Audubon Society on their Facebook page or visit yakimaaudubon.org.

– Kerry Turley


Wednesday: The Hard Core Runners Club will meet for a weekly fun run at 6pm in Franklin Park, running either on the track or in the street. Runners must wear reflective/low-light clothing. A new group called “Too Smart for the Dark” will meet at 3:30 p.m. at the Franklin Park pool for a neighborhood tour.

Saturday: The Hard Core Runners Club will host a fun three to six mile weekend run with all paces and abilities welcome. Meet at 9 am on the west side of the Chesterley Park car park.

Thursday: Yakima Greenway will host its 14th Annual Turkey Trot 5K to raise money for the nonprofit and Camp Prime Time.

Check-in and late check-out begin at 8-8:30 a.m., followed by a costume contest at 8:30 and Mayor Janice DiCew will administer Yakima’s first official pardon at 8:45 before the race begins at 9. Registration at the yakimagreenway. org/events is $15 for adults, $10 for kids ages 13-18 and free for kids 12 and under.

Friday: Day visitors to lands managed by state agencies will not need a Discover Pass to stand up to celebrate Native American Heritage Day. The overnight fee remains in effect.

Get out into the fresh air

Wednesday: The Cascadians will host a moderate five-mile pre-Thanksgiving hike with a 1,000-foot elevation gain up Ahtanum Ridge in Fulbright Park at Union Gap. Meet at 9 am by the reservoir. For more information, call Carol at 509-833-7989.

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