When they brag about trash – the truth about pet food

PetFoodProcessing.net – an industry news site – recently published a story regarding a supplier of pet food and food ingredients. The story stated that Global Food Ingredients Ltd. just completed”State of the art facilityIn Zealandia, Saskatchewan.

Quoting the story (bold added): “Our new pea splitting facility is the cornerstone of GFI’s plant-based ingredient strategy, using the latest technology to provide the highest quality peas to the food market, With providing input to our pet food ingredients businessconnecting our business lines and Maximize margins while eliminating waste. ”

Another quote:By-products from the facility will be used to support the company’s plant-based pet food ingredients segment, reducing potential waste. ”

In other words, the “Top quality peas“What this company processes is sold to human food companies, while its waste is sold to pet food.

Does any pet food label disclose to pet owners that pea ingredients are “by-products” or “waste”?

no they did not.

While the industry prides itself onwaste elimination“Pet food labels lie to consumers. Ingredients on pet food packaging are not disclosed as by-products, waste or leftover human food. Instead, they are mislabeled by the exact same ingredient name as the human food ingredient; peas, chicken and so on. On These waste ingredients can (certainly) provide nutrition in pet food, but as this story shows – these ingredients are not honestly labeled on pet food packaging.

We intend to file a formal application with the FDA (Citizen’s Petition) regarding this egregious problem of misnomers in the near future. When you submit this document, we will share this document and ask pet owners to submit feedback to the Food and Drug Administration.

In the meantime, all pet owners can do is ask the pet food manufacturer for full disclosure of the quality of the ingredients. Ask if the ingredients are human grade (edible) or feed grade. The human grade will be the quality of the food, as it is your food. Feed grade can be waste.

I wish you and your pet the best –

Susan Texton
Pet food safety attorney
The Truth in Pet Food Association

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