Where to Eat Now in Minneapolis and St. Paul, According to the Experts

“Beef ribs braised in dragon milk at George and the Dragon. This is a lower comfort dish from a great neighborhood pub.” (813 W 50th Street, Lynhurst, MBLS.)

—Molly Hermann, Event Guru, The Market at Malcolm Yards

Rib-eye with bone from Mani Steakhouse Restaurant. If you are going for the best, go for the best. Totally charred luxury on the bone. (825 Marquette Ave. S., downtown Mpls.)

—Stephanie Marsh, Head of Cannibals, MBLS St. Paul Magazine


Is it the perfect food? It’s easy to find a good pie around town after a shift, or anytime really.

“Kramarczuk mixed platter: one cabbage roll, three pierogi, one sausage, and a side of my choice which is sauerkraut. I grew up here since pre-birth. Best Polish next meal next to Grandma.” (215 Hennepin Ave. E., Northeast, Mpls.)

—Anthony Holzingel, Bka DJ Phat, Aka Phatphood

the pasta

No matter how you feel about your noodles, whether it’s simmering with eating sticks or spinning on a fork, the professionals are right by your side.

“A1, Bun Po Hyo – Substitute Pho Noodles – at Trieu Chau, or Nem Nuong Spring Roll at MT Noodles.” TC: 500 University Ave. W., Frogtown, St. Paul / MTN: 8459 W. Broadway, Brooklyn Park

—Peter Bean, Dumpling Boy at Saturday Dumpling Club

“Classic Pho in Gion in New Hope.” 9418 36th Ave. N., New Hope

—Ben Feltman, Head Chef at Mr. Paul Dinner Club

“Ramen Weekend at Zen Box Izakaya.” 602 Washington Ave. S., Mill District, Mpls.

—Jake Larson, Line Chef, Sand Castle

“Camaratta with raw tuna at BLG.” 800 Washington Ave. N., North Loop, Mpls.

—Jennifer Lueck, owner of LUSH and Betty and Earl’s

“Anything from the tenant. The pasta dishes continue to impress, menu after menu.” 4300 Bryant Ave. S., Kingfield, Mpls.

—Dylan Boomin, chef, Boomin BBQ food truck

“Capability mushroom from Any Italian eater It’s like a big pasta hug for your stomach.” 4724 Cedar Ave. S., Nokomis, Mpls.

— Stephanie March


Simple and portable, but hopefully messy and a complete meal at the same time, a sandwich can be a whole story.

“The chowanmushi in Kado no Mise is a bit like the heart of a creme brulee, a bit like a cloud, it’s just a trembling ethereal composition of eggs, ginger and whatever is in season.” (33 1st Ave N., North Loop, Mpls.)

Dara Moskowitz Gromdal

All fried snapper at Lat14. Red curry sauce has the perfect amount of sweetness and spice. It’s full of flavor and it’s just perfectly cooked fish.” (8815 7th Ave. N., Golden Valley)

—Chaz Sandifer, founder of Lakeview Terrace Farmers Market

quick question!

Who’s killing it for breakfast/lunch, and what’s the best thing to have there?

“Eggy’s Diner, and I always get chilaquiles, add chorizo.”120 W 14th Street, Loring Park, MBLS.

—Craig Kaiser, the king of hot sauce at Cry Baby Craig’s

“Ching Hing in St. Paul’s Pork Roast over Rice (#26a) is an amazingly simple stew. It contains an egg, so it makes a great brunch.” 448 University Ave. W., Frogtown, St. Paul

—Pip Hanson, beverage director at O’Shaughnessy Distilling Co.

“The Corner Store Egg sandwich from Alma. The ratio of eggs to meat to cheese is valid. ” 528 University Ave. SE, Marcy-Holmes, Mpls.

— Stephanie March


If the hospitality industry knows one thing, it’s where to stop for salutations and libations. Trust the people who spend time behind and in front of the bar professionally.

Tartar in Awami: raw bison, berries, edible wildflower petals – this is not just bison rice; This is an edible understanding of the glory of creation. (420 S Street 1, Al-Mahnah District, Mpls.)

Dara Moskowitz Gromdal

quick question!

Where do you go to eat late at night? What are you eating?

“Bulldog to chili cheese dog.” Lowertown, Uptown, and Downtown Mpls.

– Bill Summerville, Most Hosted, Shi Bill

“Very sad in the shacks, but the dirty eating is the grilled cheese and prime rib in Port Haskell in Excelsior – get a good wine at the Haskell liquor store to complement that.” 1 Water Street Excelsior

—Heather Manley, owner of Crooked Water Spirits

“Nightingale for burgers, wings, and spicy eggs.” 2551 Lyndale Ave. S., Lowry Hill, Mpls.

—Ya Fang, Chef and Sauce Maker, Union Hmong Kitchen


There’s no denying the need for a sweet treat, especially if you’ve been in the hospitality business all day. you deserve it.

—Elissa Johnson, owner and photographer at The Restaurant Project

Beria Quesadilla from Las Cuatro Milpas. I know tacos are the trend, but understand that a certain amount of excess cheese chips on the griddle with quesadilla, and that’s a magical time. (E. Lake and Bloomington)

— Stephanie March


The name kept coming up again and again; Nowhere else is mentioned more. Meteor is clearly an industry favourite – an honor well deserved.

“Anything in Meteor.”

—Ben Feltman, Executive Chef, Mr. Paul Subair Club

“Hot dog at Meteor.”

—Trent Tahir, group at Craftmade Aprons

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