Where you can have a great time in the small town for Christmas

The holiday season is officially upon us. There will be lights, shopping, pictures of screaming children sitting on the lap of an old man in fancy dress, and festivals.

Here are the small towns where you can have fun at Christmas.

Sunray Lions Christmas Parade, December 5th

Sunray’s annual Christmas light show will take place on December 5th. The show will start at dusk.

Reindeer lights on black


After the parade, Santa will flip the switch, so to speak, and light the Christmas tree to signal the start of the season. Santa Claus will then be available for photos at the fire station.

Click on this link for more information.

Pampas Parade of Lights, December 9, Celebration of Lights 2022

On December 9, Bamba will hold the Parade of Lights. You’ll be able to spend the evening watching the lighted parade carriages and sipping hot cocoa; All while lining the brick streets of Pampa, Texas.

The event is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m.

Click on this link for more information.

This is not the only event in the pampas. Bamba goes all out for the holidays. Check out their celebration of lights. There are many events arranged. From fun runs/walks to live reindeer in the park, Pampa really knows how to get you into the holiday spirit.

Christmas in Burger’s hometown

Burger goes out with his hometown Christmas. There is live music, a parade, a car show, photo ops; This is just scratching the surface.

Santa’s train display lights up at night


This is an excellent opportunity to experience the charm of small town Burger. The fire department is roasting marshmallows for the kids, Santa will be on for photos, and there will be plenty of food and shopping.

It launches on December 2. You can learn more by following this link.

“Christmas in the Valley” at Canyon December 3rd

If you’re from the area, you’re probably very familiar with Christmas in the Valley. You have to turn it over to Amarillo’s neighbors to the south; They really know how to throw a party.

There will be a parade of lights this year, opportunities to see Santa and get your pics taken care of, and this year there is a big surprise.

Let’s just say they’re getting ready for this year’s 4th of July Christmas at Canyon.

click here for more information.

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Fairly small towns in the Texas Panhandle

Say what now? Somewhat small?

This is correct. These are towns that seem huge when compared to smaller, two-stop towns like Pringle (30) or Kerrick (25), but they’re definitely not on the same level as towns like White Deer or Panhandle….much less Amarillo.

Fasten seat belts! We have places to go and towns to see! These populations number over 100, but they are far less than 1,000.

They’re all on board for a fairly mini tour of the Texas Panhandle Towns!

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