Which junior chef will win it all?

We’ve come to the end of the road for MasterChef Junior Season 8 and with our contestants down to Grayson and Liya, who’s going to win it all?

It’s been a long road for our young chefs and of course, before the last cook in the kitchen, we had one more chance to experience the ups and downs of the season, as well as what led to Liya and Grayson being chosen like the last two chefs for MasterChef Junior.

And once we reached the final kitchen, it was time to get serious. After sharing the prizes the winner will receive (and there are many), the duo were told that they would have to make a starter and a dessert to impress the judges. Once again, they must compose a plate for each judge, i.e. three starters and three desserts each!

With only 60 minutes on the clock for entry, this is really going to be a challenge for our MasterChef Junior finalists. Grayson drew inspiration from her hometown of Austin, Texas, while Liya’s menu is all about her family and heritage.

MasterChef Junior crowns the winner of Season 8

With about 15 minutes remaining, it was Grayson who ended up struggling, his smoking gun failing to fire. And yet, even with those struggles, he managed to pull things together and deliver three beautiful dishes to the judges.

First with the entrees was Grayson and his venison. And it is clear that the judges loved his dish. It was all about proving that over the course of the season he has truly evolved into a next-level chef.

Then it was Liya’s dish which featured duck breast. And she, too, delivered perfection on a plate. Overall, the judges had nothing but good things to say about her entry.

Then it was time for the round of desserts and again, there were only 60 minutes left on the clock. In this round, there were several spots where it looked like Grayson was struggling, and he wasn’t alone, as Liya’s Panna Cotta didn’t seem to be settling. But no matter what was happening in this kitchen, these two young chefs let nothing stop them.

And that meant that when our MasterChef Junior contestants presented themselves to the judges for the last time with their plates, it was clear that it wasn’t going to be easy. Right off the bat, Grayson delivered a stunning dish that took people on a trip to Texas. According to Gordon Ramsay, it was a refreshing dessert, with almost nothing to complain about. Perhaps the only negative comment came from Aaron Sanchez, who called out the young chef on his use of fennel pollen.

Next up was Liya, who also delivered a superb dessert. And with all three judges smiling on the dish, you can’t help but think she had the upper hand. Again, the feedback was truly amazing from the judges, who seemed to love the dessert and the complexity of the dish.

Now there is only one thing left to do and that is to crown the winner! And with all three judges deliberating over Grayson and Liya’s dishes, it’s impossible to determine which junior chef will take home the title of MasterChef.

But in the end, the MasterChef Junior champion of season 8 is There is !

What do you think of other MasterChef Junior fans? Did your favorite young chef win?

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