Who is Chef Nicole Gomez?

Welcome to season 21 of one of America’s favorite cooking shows, fast-paced and super intense, with an old versus new twist this year: Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages! In this season of Hell’s Kitchenthere’s a team of chefs in their 40s and a team of chefs in their 20s battling to become one of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s next wonderkids/superstars.

At the end of weeks four and five, another leader was eliminated. This week, the person who ended up being sent home, had a bit of it going for them…

Let’s dive into the life of a chef, who is a crazy wildcat all over the kitchen: Chef Nicole Gomez!

What do you think of Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages so far? Let’s talk!

Who is Nicole? What is his story ? Why is she here on Hell’s Kitchen? Let’s find out all that and more below…let’s go!

Where is Nicole Gomez from?

Hailing from Los Angeles, Calif., Chef Nicole hoped to prove she deserved to be in Chef Gordon Ramsay’s presence, being a older members of his team. For those Hell Kitchen super fans out there you can too know that she is first competitor to get the the lowest ranking in the history of the show, for those who ended up changing teams… hmm, interesting fact if you ask me…

How old is Chef Nicole?

She is forty-six and along with Zeus, another 40-year-old leader already eliminated, she was the second oldest contestant this year (Zeus is forty-eight).

Before arriving at Hell’s Kitchen, what was his occupation?

Chef Nicole Gomez works as a private chef at home.

What was his Signature Dish Challenge score and how did he do?

During the coveted and still famous Signature Dish Challenge from the first episode, Nicole did something no one should. already do, although she is process by seven other chefs… and that is to use pre-made foods. Yes, folks… not only did she use canned/bagged pasta, but she also used canned tomatoes for her sauce, which she simply mashed lightly and seasoned with salt and pepper (to taste, sure). She also wore high heels and was visibly uncomfortable, as assistant chef and mentor Jason asked if she was okay. Although she wasn’t comfortable in those heels, she liked to feel sexy and confident while cooking (I guess that didn’t work for you, though, in the long run, ma’am). Not only did Ramsay totally annihilate her for using canned pasta and to make it look awful he also said it even tasted worse than it looked, which ultimately earned it 1 out of 5 stars. Giiiiirl…she should have known way better, am I right? !

Why was she eliminated?

Well, folks, in the end, it was all her mistakes and missteps that ended up sending her home. During the opening episode Slider Challenge, she was then determined not dropping the red team, which she ended up introducing his cursor to Chief Ramsay instead of sending Sommer’s. When facing Brett for beef sliders, she needed a score of 4 to win and a score of 5 to tie. She presented her meat and potato burger with bacon and white cheddar cheese (sounds great if you ask me). However, while he was deemed smart, he was also deemed too basic. She ended up scoring a 2, ultimately losing Team Red in her first all-female tag team challenge. Later that evening, she was ultimately unable to prove her worth at the grab post. Here’s what Ramsay had to say about Nicole’s unfortunate but definitely upcoming exit on the show, just in general: “With her team struggling, Nicole decided to hide instead of help. That’s all that I needed to see.

Here is among other things what she said when she left Hell’s Kitchen:

“I’m a little disappointed, but I’m a little disappointed with the girls. I feel like I was abandoned by them. I mean, they all failed. I didn’t, not tonight. So it’s up to them. But it’s okay, Sandwich. Mom comes home.

(*roll my eyes with all of America too*)

It seems to me that Nicole has forgotten that your reasons for being sent home are not just based on the error equivalent of table service. Chief Ramsay takes into account everything that has happened so far (when the eliminations are approaching, depending on the team’s nomination). If Chief Ramsay thinks you deserve to stay, he’ll kick you back in line. In the end, I feel like the time for Nicole to leave was way late. She did a good thing and she claimed she went from zero to effing hero, like she at least put it on. Well, girl, you didn’t. News flash…no one cares what you say to your seemingly cute dog…keep it to yourself and scary focus on scary competition! K, thank you… but certainly don’t dungeon this until at everything!

Don’t forget to tune in to Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages every Thursday night at 7:00 PM CST!

What do you think of the first two weeks of Hell’s Kitchen Battle of the Ages? Did chef Nicole Gomez deserve to go home? Let’s discuss it all below! Devour!

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