WHO’s DATZ food truck competes for $20,000 in ‘Hype the Havarti’ challenge, seeks community support

Rapid City, SD (KEVN) – Inflation is at an all-time high and a potential recession looms, leaving many Americans weighed down by the current economic situation.

Despite the added pressure, a new company is trucking but needs community help to win a national competition that can ease the burden.

For Felix Irving, the natural evolution of his culinary career has been BeardBQ barbecue sauce, catering events, and setting up a brick and mortar restaurant, or rather a restaurant with wheels and metal.

WHO’s DATZ food truck, which first began operating a few months ago, has already begun to attract the attention of the homeland.

“I kind of put together a recipe for Mac cheese and egg rolls that I didn’t think much of, and then all of a sudden, maybe a month or two later, I got this email that said, “Sauce Boss” behind WHO DATZ and BeardBQ Sauce, said Felix.

Felix has reached the final stage of the “Hype the Havarti” challenge, a chance for 10 food trucks from around the country to show off their flavor in order to win some dough.

“You see, we don’t have our cover yet, because that’s all money,” Felix said. “So we’ll literally pay the bills, and we’ll be able to buy more products and bigger quantities, bigger equipment like I have a bigger smoker on the way so I can do more at once. So I’ll be able to make more.”

The grand prize for “Hype the Havarti” is $20,000, which is large enough to negatively impact WHO’s DATZ start-up costs but also to relieve pressure on the current economy.

“I feel that in supply chain issues, food costs go up. It’s like in the sauce industry, I’m not here to make millions, I’m here to give someone a quality product for a good price, so I’m really fighting to keep my prices as low as possible for what I present it.”

So what is this quality product that Felix is ​​asking the community to support?

“Being from New Orleans, a big part of our culture is food and Creole, so all that means is that it’s a mix of cultures, and that’s what I do with the egg rolls in the Havarti Challenge. It’s breast meat, natural Americana, smoked brisket. Kimchi, learn that.” From living in Korea, then we have Havarti cheese inside an egg roll. So it’s a mixture of multiple cultures,” continued Felix. “Creoles don’t always have to be a thing from the bottom of the house in New Orleans because everything blends in.”

Whether he wins or not, Felix has the honor to represent South Dakota and his food background.

Voting for the “Hype the Havarti” challenge continues through the end of the month, with the winner announced in early August.

You can vote at this link https://www.castellocheese.com/en-us/hype-the-havarti/voting/, and also find recipes for Felix’s dishes and those of other competitors.

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