Why Below Deck Med Fans Are Comparing Raygan To Chief Mila

Under Deck Med, Season 7 has Raygan as its boss, but fans of the franchise are now comparing her to a former cast member, Chef Mila from Season 4.

New boatswain Raygan Tyler made a big impression on Under the Mediterranean Bridge fans and now everyone seems to be comparing her to former cast member Chef Mila. The Season 4 chef was one of the franchise’s most controversial actors, and it didn’t take long for him to get the boot. Now, Raygan’s name seems to be the talk of the town among Under the Med Bridge fans like chef Mila was. Everyone can’t help but point out the striking similarities between the two.

Raygan was set to make history by becoming the second female boatswain on Under the Med Bridge since her debut in 2016. However, she seems to struggle to live up to Malia White’s standards. Now, everything seems to be going badly for Raygan, so much so that even charter guests aren’t happy with his performance. Raygan’s recent behavior has caused many Bravo show viewers to call him out for his inexperience and lack of qualification as Chief Mila.


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From the viewer’s perspective, Raygan does a terrible job leading a team, and fans think it won’t take long for Captain Sandy Yawn to let her go like she did with Chief Mila. One thing fans noticed between the two women is that they apparently lied on their resumes about their experiences; however, there is no concrete evidence. According to Lindaspike on Reddit, Raygan either faked his resume or was a factory dude. Under the Med Bridge production team. “She needs to go ASAP! You wanna bet she lied on her resume? wouldn’t be the first. either that or production planted it, which also wouldn’t be surprising“, said the fan. All Raygan does is sit around and smoke, which makes her come across as one of the most incompetent bosuns. Under the Med Bridge has never seen.

Raygan acts like she knows nothing about leading a crew on a super yacht, the same way chef Mila doesn’t seem to know anything about cooking because she always serves mediocre meals. Viewers think the producers of Under the Med Bridge brought her in despite her inexperience in the role to help make Malia look good after she exposed Hannah Ferrier for having an unregistered prescription on board two seasons ago. This is currently a conspiracy theory among fans, which was started by Redditor UrbanDismay. They think Raygan was a ploy by the Under the Med Bridge producers to make sure Malia looks good so she can make her comeback next season. “I think she is she is [sic] were brought in to look bad which makes malia more beautiful and they hope to sway public opinion to bring malia back into a “hero” edit next season“, the fan theorized.

It’s Raygan time Under the Med Bridge season 7 could end prematurely. Fans and some team members still complain about his leadership qualities and lackluster attitude. It’s only a matter of time before Raygan is fired, and Captain Sandy begins his search for a new boatswain.

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Under the Mediterranean Bridge airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo

Sources: Lindaspike/Reddit, UrbanDismay/Reddit

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