Why Under Deck Down Under Fans Are Glad Chef Ryan Got Fired

Below Deck Down Under, Chef Ryan finally gets fired after a season full of mediocre food and a bad attitude. Fans are happy to see him get the boot.

Chef Ryan McKeown has been problematic on Under the bridge below, and fans are happy that he was finally fired. Chefs are one of the most important crew members on a luxury yacht. Customers expect nothing but the best experience, and the chef’s job is to meet their needs. However, charter after charter, Chef Ryan has failed to live up to the guests and standards of Captain Jason Chambers.

Under the bridge below viewers were outraged by Ryan’s disrespectful attitude towards Captain Jason and his lack of cooking skills. After the awful English tea prepared by Ryan, the guests left their charter feeling deflated by the spread. Captain Jason has decided to fire Chief Ryan, and Under the bridge below fans were thrilled. reality speaks even tweeted, “The worst boss in Under Deck history goes to RYAN.”


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Below Bridge Down Under, fans were delighted that Chef Ryan was fired

After Captain Jason broke the bad news to Ryan, the Chief started packing his bags while talking about the Captain and calling him derogatory names. Captain Jason overheard and advised Ryan to leave with grace, but the grumpy leader didn’t listen. miss price on Twitter tweeted, “Ryan’s long overdue dismissal made my day. From his continuous delirium and complete lack of self-awareness to his self-righteous outrage at being caught talking shit about the captain, it couldn’t have been more satisfying. After Ryan got off the boat, he flashed Captain Jason, who also bumped into Jamie Sayed, his behind as his final goodbye.

Ryan’s attitude was also a problem with the other members of the Thalassa crew. When Chef Stew Aesha Scott tried to work with him on the timing of food service, Ryan pushed and dumped the food when he thought guests should eat. Captain Jason also noticed a lack of will in Ryan to provide the best customer service. While on a charter from Captain Jason’s former colleague, Ryan served substandard food that the guests didn’t like. When Captain Jason tried to talk to Ryan about his performance, which initially caused a stir with fans, the chef got defensive and raised his voice.

Chef Ryan wasn’t the only difficult chef in the Under the bridge franchise. Chief Kevin Dobson of Under the bridge season 7 often bumped Chief Stew Kate Chastain over the head and was called out for her misogynistic treatment of her. Mila Kolomeitseva from Under the Mediterranean Bridge season 4 claimed that she trained at Le Cordon Bleu but couldn’t even make pancakes from scratch. Her castmates were also appalled by her homophobic views. Under the bridge below fans agree that despite a few previous bad chefs in the kitchen, Ryan takes the cake for being the worst.

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