Will Knox Mason Restaurant leave a legacy in downtown Knoxville?




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As Knox Mason prepares for his last day in business on July 2, chef Matt Gallaher plans to regroup and take it easy – a strategy he could have adopted while cooking for the Eagles.

The downtown Knoxville chef wasn’t always a restaurant owner. Trained at Blackberry Farm, a nationally renowned resort in East Tennessee, Gallaher brought his skills to the music industry as a rookie chef, cooking meals for rock legends like Neil Young and stars. country like Tim McGraw.

He eventually became Kings of Leon’s personal tour chef before moving to the Governor’s Mansion, where he became Bill Haslam’s private chef. And it was during this final stint that Gallaher returned to his farm-to-table roots, which continued until Knox Mason opened on the 100 block of Gay Street some 10 years ago. .

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