Yeo Jin Goo Talks About Playing A Leader In “Link,” His Efforts To Portray His Role, And More

Ahead of the premiere of “Link,” Yeo Jin Goo talked about his character Eun Gye Hoon!

“Link” is a fantasy romance drama about a man who suddenly begins to experience all the emotions an unknown woman feels when the “link phenomenon” occurs for the first time after 18 years.

Yeo Jin Goo will play Eun Gye Hoon, a Michelin-starred chef who is impeccable with his distinguished cooking skills and handsome face. His restaurant has a steady stream of customers who come just to see the alluring chef put on a culinary performance in the open kitchen.

Recalling why he chose drama for his next project, he shared, “The atmosphere made up of highlights from various genres, such as romantic comedy, mystery, food and drama, was appealing, and I decided to star in ‘Link’ because of character Eun Gye Hoon’s specialty and novelty.

Yeo Jin Goo mentioned that he had a lot of worries in the beginning about how to understand and approach this unique type of character with great empathy who feels exactly what a stranger feels like it’s his. own emotions. More importantly, it was important to convey Eun Gye Hoon’s character’s emotional changes in a natural and compelling way, as these are emotions that suddenly invade her without notice.

On this, the actor explained, “I thought it was difficult to approach the particular nature of this character where he is able to feel the emotions of others, but at the same time, I was interested in the kind of life he was leading. The bonding phenomenon is a very important factor for Eun Gye Hoon and the drama, so I talked a lot with the director and the writer when preparing for the shoot. I try to be flexible and expressive so that it can use the phenomenon of linking organically from comedy to deep drama in the flow of the drama.

Yeo Jin Goo’s character is a professional chef, and his every action in the open kitchen will be like some kind of performance, so he’ll have to show off his “sexy cooking skills.” He commented, “Although cooking is my hobby, this role is for someone who is a professional chef. For this reason, I got the help of the real chef to realistically describe the way I cut, how I handle the pan, my appearance in the kitchen and the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The actor went on to tease, “I try to do [viewers] remember this as a special and unique drama with the taste and aroma of various genres. Please take advantage of the ‘Link’ course which will be served every Monday and Tuesday from June 6th.

“Link” premieres on June 6 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Yeo Jin Goo in “Beyond Evil“:

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